Monday, April 4, 2011

Visual merchandising

As I said weekend I spend in school and we learned about VISUAL MERCHANDISING!!! Yes yes, I found this topic more than interesting. It was presented for us by Italian professor that work for many important shop and companies all over the world such as Louis Vuitton, La Perla, Harvey Nichols, Fiorucci, Gianfranco Guidotti, Benetton.
I honestly did not know what actually visual merchandiser does. I thought he or she comes, put few piece in window and on dolls and jobs is done. But I learned that there is more than that, starting from graphical planning,softwares, way of designing, knowing all goods well, knowing all about lighting, fixtures and architecture of shop, so jobs duties are pretty much width. Visual merchandiser must have knowledge about behavior of consumers, what attracts their attention, what they want to see and where in shop they want to see it.
At the end of our weekend lessons we did our display of window or just any presentation we wanted. Unfortunately none of us had good camera so we don't have pictures of our projects :(  and that is why I am giving pictures of some real windows.

And I have my bad photo and additionally I had light, but here you can't see it. My idea was opposite- innocent, gentle  flowers vs. sexy, wild black lingerie.


  1. wow kakve slike!:) odusevljena!:)

  2. lovely tutù!
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